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Eagle Artist Creates Portrait for National Space Trophy Awardee, Kay Bailey Hutchison

Eagle Applied Sciences, LLC, sponsored the services of their Art Director, renowned space artist Pat Rawlings, to create the original portrait of Michael Coats on display tonight and reproduced on the cover. Eagle is a team member with Wyle Laboratories on the recently awarded Human Health and Performance Contract at Johnson Space Center.

Pat Rawlings painted the portrait for the first National Space Trophy winner in 1987, again in 1991, and for every winner since 2001. “In Senator Hutchison's portrait I wanted to show her constant, positive engagement with those around her against a historical tapestry which includes a Lone Star out of the United States flag ” Rawlings said. 

His paintings, digital images, and designs have appeared in hundreds of magazines, books, TV programs, and films (see list at www.patrawlings.com). In the past 30 years, Rawlings specialty is showing the revelatory human moments that embody the spirit of exploration. Paintings such as the first human to step on Mars against an epic Mars landscape to the first person to wipe dust off of the Pathfinder Sojourner rover. His goal is to "be there", immersing the viewer in a moment of future history. Rawlings was a leader in creating "complete" space art for NASA that not only depicted the hardware correctly, but also showed the context or environment accurately. Rawlings says " In order to suspend disbelief and really pull the viewer into the
experience every rock, cloud and human expression needs to be a true as the kapton, actuators, and radiators on the spacecraft. I want to create snapshots of the future".

Recently, Rawlings and about a dozen other space artists from all over the world spent a week painting onsite at such locations at the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and other terrestrial landscape analogs to Mars. This sort of "ground truth" is why his art appears to have been painted while visiting other worlds. 

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