Systems Engineering

Current Contract: Mission Operations Directorate –Bioastronautics

Location: NASA-Johnson Space Center

picEagle's engineering team assisted in the design of equipment such as the TVIS II treadmill, cycle, resistive exercise in conjunction with NASA's Program office on Biomedical Counter Measure Program. Also, Eagle's engineers work on the biosensors used to measure and track the astronauts vital signs while utilizing the next generation Extra Vehicular Suit (EVA). We have also been instrumental in the development of health maintenance equipment including medical kits and defibrillators used at the International Space Station (ISS). Lastly our employees assess environmental equipment used in the ISS to monitor radiation, water and air quality and levels as well as toxicology.

Our Mechanical and Systems Engineers incorporate design, drafting and fabrication requirements in the development and delivery of flight and ground support equipment to meet NASA's wide array of biomedical hardware needs.