Senior Management Team

James M. Watt, PHD, is the General Manager for Eagle Applied Sciences, LLC. Dr. Watt is the General Manager for Eagle Applied Sciences, LLC and serves as the Chief Scientist for the Eagle Medical Group. He has over 20 years of experience in life science research with a focus on infectious diseases and genomics. He is a co-inventor on multiple vaccine and delivery technologies targeted to providing low cost vaccines to resource limited communities where people need them the most. His experience as a NIH-Postdoctoral scholar in academia, a research scientist in private industry and a subject matter expert (SME) supporting federal public health programs allows him to provide valuable scientific and technical expertise to his customers. As the principal scientific advisor to EMS’s professional staff, he has responsibility for assuring all scientific and technological core competencies maintain the highest possible standards for technical excellence, responsible conduct, and integrity. Dr. Watt is committed to shaping the growth path for his employees, honing specific service offerings, and expanding the company’s portfolio of business.



Walter Hankins, MS, MA (2) is the Director of Corporate Programs. Mr. Hankins has over 30 years of (active duty U.S. Air Force and DoD contractor) strong leadership and outstanding managerial skills with in-depth knowledge and experience in contract management. In addition to his many professional attributes, he exhibits a high degree of organizational excellence and team building while leading Eagle’s talented team of Program Managers across a broad spectrum of DoD, NASA and CDC contracts. His continued commitment to excellence, knowledge and dedication can be depended on to meet the growing needs of Eagle’s DoD and private industry clients.