Active Quality Program

“The reward for the work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

-Jonas Salk

Eagle’s Customized Performance Measurement Plan is established upon award of the contract.  At that time of the award our Program Manager will examine the Statement of Work for identification of all immediate requirements.  It is our mission to identify and establish a timeline of deliverables that will be met at the appropriate times  upon contract commencement.

binnoculars Consists of 4 components
  1. Mission Priorities
  2. Quick Responses
  3. Established benchmarks
  4. Early identification of variances

Eagle bases their Customized Performance Measurement Plan on the needs of the customer  to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Plan is based on ISO 9001 requirements
  • Defines the Process Measurement /Metric
  • Aligns services and process systems to accommodate Statement of Work
  • Revised as needed